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The Daily Grind FAQ

Will carbs make me fat?

This is a question I get asked a lot. In the past few years carbs have gotten a bad rap for causing weight gain, specifically in stored fat. I am here to tell you that carbs are not your enemy. I'm not a believer that you should cut out any specific macro nutrient or food. Carbs do have a larger affect on insulin than protein or fats, but it depends on the type of carb that you are intaking. Carbs are the bodies primary source of energy. That being said, you want to consume the right type of carb. Sugars such as skittles or white bread will spike your insulin and be more likely stored as fat, however, it is more about your over all calorie consumption that determines either your weight gain or weight loss. It is physically possible to lose weight consuming nothing but carbs, as long as you are in a calorie deficit (I don't recommend this) but it is possible.

How do I lose weight?

The short answer to this question is consume less calories than you burn. It is all about being in a calorie deficit. To expound on this short answer, you want to lose the right type of weight, meaning stored adipose tissue, or fat. If you just stick to a calorie deficit, you will lose fat, but you might lose muscle as well. Have you ever noticed the "cardio girls" who are super skinny, but don't have any muscle tone? This is because they are going on just the calorie deficit rout and doing lots of cardio. If you want to lose body fat, while maintaining or even increasing lean muscle, you NEED to be lifting weights. Resistance training increases protein synthesis to the muscles worked, meaning it gives your body a reason to hold on the the muscle you currently have, using your stored body fat as fuel. My best recommendation is a calorie deficit, focusing on higher protein and veggies, lots of resistance training, and low cardio (moderate cardio if you have more body fat to lose).

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