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The Daily Grind

One of the more popular parts of membership with Performance Training, this is my exact workout from the day before. I break it down by sets, reps, tempo, and rest intervals.


Nutrition is 80% of your goals. There will be a section dedicated to nutrition. I will discuss tracking macros, as well as shed light on different diets and fads such as keytosis, carb cycling, among others, and benefits of each.

Movement Library

You will receive access to my movement library. This is updated often to include just about every free moment you can do in the gym. Form and technique for each. Say goodbye to Youtubing different moves, and then searching through all the 5-10 min videos on that move. Each clip is 20-30 seconds of demo. No ads or talking, just movement!

Q & A

Have access to the most commonly asked questions and my answers to them. Some are pretty basic, while others go more in depth to blow your mind.


Tips and tricks on mobility. If your muscles aren't functioning the way they should, and if they aren't balanced, it can reek havoc on your lifts, joints, and central nervous system. Learn how to balance and relax muscles so that you can move freely and without discomfort or pain.

Science Backed Articles

One thing I pride myself on is doing things the right way. I have a degree from Brigham Young University, as well as a few certifications under my belt. I have gained a lot of information about training the human body, and I want to share that information with you.

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